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注意 Caution

1. 如有面部皮膚敏感或濕疹患者,不建議使用。

2. 留鬚過長者勿使用,以免卷入扇葉內。

3. 產品不可放入水中清洗及沾水

4. 產品必須在拔掉電源及停止運作下才可用布表面簡單清潔




8. 產品必需使用隨機附送的充電線充電, 建議使用5V/ 1A 充電器,小心留意充電器電壓是否合適。


1. It is not recommended for patients with sensitive facial skin or eczema.

2. Don't use it if you leave beard too long, so as not to get caught in the fan blades.

3. The product should not be washed or dipped in water.

4. The product must be unplugged and stopped before it can be cleaned surface easily with a cloth.

5. If the product is found to have abnormal noise or abnormal heat, please tstop using it immediately.

6. The product does not have air purification and disinfection functions. The air vent of the fan must be used inside the mask. It is not recommended to use it in crowded places. Everyone should increase awareness of epidemic prevention and wear a mask.

7. The standard period of use is one and a half years.

8. The product must be charged with the supplied charging cable. It is recommended to use a 5V/1A charger, and pay attention to whether the charger voltage is appropriate.